Jaffer Ghouse

National Energy Technology Laboratory

Jaffer Ghouse (NETL) is a Senior Research Engineer with KeyLogic Systems and works under the Systems Engineering and Analysis Directorate of the National Energy Technology Laboratory in Pittsburgh. His primary expertise is in mathematical model development, process design and optimization, advanced energy systems and process intensification technologies. He has also worked indifferent positions in the petroleum refining, cement and metallurgical coke production industries. Within the IDAES project, Dr. Ghouse is jointly leading the efforts with Dr. John Siirola under the “Design and Optimization of Coal Plants of the Future”,which includes conceptual design, development of complex models, cost estimation methodologies, and development of new materials. He is also leading the efforts with Dr. Carl Laird under “User Community Outreach and Education” for IDAES that primarily involves conducting workshops, preparing learning materials and expanding the user community. Dr. Ghouse obtained his Bachelors in Technology from Anna University Chennai (2010) in India and his PhD from McMaster University (2016) in Canada, both in Chemical Engineering.