Miguel A. Zamarripa Perez

National Energy Technology Laboratory

Miguel A. Zamarripa Perez (NETL) is a Senior Research Engineer with KeyLogic Systems supporting the NETL’s Process Systems Engineering Research Team. His main areas of expertise are operations research, process engineering, process synthesis, data science, and mathematical modeling and optimization. At NETL, Miguel’s research focuses on modeling and optimization of coal-fired power plants and post-combustion carbon capture systems, conceptual design of next-generation of coal-based energy systems. Miguel leads the cost estimation subtask for novel coal-based energy systems. Miguel has a B.S. from La Laguna Institute of Technology, M.Sc. from University of Nuevo Leon, and Ph.D. from Barcelona Tech (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya), all inChemical Engineering. After receiving his Ph.D., Miguel continued gaining further experience as a postdoctoral research associate. First, with a two-year appointment with Prof. Ignacio Grossmann in the Center for Advanced Process Decision Making at Carnegie Mellon University, followed by a two-year appointment at the NETL’s Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative.