Daison Manuel Yancy Caballero

NETL Support Contractor


Daison Manuel Yancy Caballero (NETL) is a Senior Research Engineer with KeyLogic Systems,
supporting the NETL’s Process Systems Engineering Research Team (PSERT). His primary areas
of expertise include mathematical modeling, data analytics, machine learning, thermodynamics,
transport phenomena, chemical reaction engineering, conceptual design and synthesis,
uncertainty quantification, process design and optimization. At NETL, Daison’s research focuses
on modeling, optimization, and conceptual design of advanced energy systems, carbon capture,
and direct air capture technologies. Daison leads the carbon dioxide removal (CDR) subtask
within PSERT projects, which aims to advance direct air capture (DAC) technologies through
further discovery and optimization of new and novel materials and processes capable of
capturing the accumulated CO2 in the atmosphere, improving the energy efficiency of carbon
removal operations. Daison obtained his B.S. from the Industrial University of Santander in
Colombia, his M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the University of Campinas in Brazil, all in Chemical
Engineering. After receiving his Ph.D., Daison gained further experience as a postdoctoral
research associate, first at the Brazilian Biorenewables National Laboratory, and later in the Prof.
Snurr Research Group at Northwestern University.