IDAES is Guided by Power Industry Needs

A Stakeholder Advisory Board has been assembled to ensure that the Institute can remain well aligned with key industry needs in this arena. Regular conference calls and biannual face-to-face review meetings will ensure that stakeholders remain well informed of the program and its progress and can provide advice to direct the program to maximum value to the industry. For additional information, contact John Shinn, 925-300-6959,

Dr. John H Shinn coordinates The IDAES Stakeholder Engagement Program. Dr Shinn combines over 40 years experience in the energy industry with decades of leading collaborative efforts to link advanced technologies to “real-world” applications.

Stakeholder Engagement Program

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IDAES has assembled a group of experts highly skilled and creating the most advanced tools for evaluating the very wide range of choices in energy technologies that will need to be integrated into our existing energy system to create the most effective, environmentally sound, reliable and cost-effective energy system of the future.

While IDAES is developing this capability, the existing community that is operating the current energy systems and planning the future one are using processes and models that do not adequately represent the range of new technologies that will be available (such as carbon capture, hydrogen generation and energy storage systems) and are using simulation systems to do their planning that lack the advances in optimization and simulation science that are being incorporated into the IDAES capabilities.

It is essential therefore for IDAES to intentionally reach out into the energy system community to gain a better understanding of the way existing tools are being used and to create in-roads for the application of the most advanced tools being applied to create the greatest benefit.  The Stakeholder Engagement Program is designed to serve this purpose.

This program seeks out and engages those most involved in new energy technology development and in operating and planning our energy system, keeps them informed of directions being taken and progress being made within IDAES, seeks their input in making IDAES most usable and relevant and creates partnerships to utilize IDAES tools and capabilities to the greatest benefit of advancing the nations energy systems.

This is accomplished through active outreach efforts into the energy and process industries and regular exchanges providing progress reports, training and opportunities to share application experiences through monthly live online updates (occurring the first Thursday of each month from 11-12 Eastern time) and periodic stakeholder forums. Multiple partnerships have emerged and continue to emerge that bring IDAES into the mainstream.

Interested stakeholders are encouraged to enroll in our Stakeholder Engagement Program and actively partner with IDAES in the creation and application of the most effective energy system for our nations future.

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