Transforming and decarbonizing the world’s energy systems to make them environmentally sustainable while maintaining high reliability and low cost is a task that requires the very best computational and simulation capabilities to examine a complete range of technology options, ensure that the best choices are made, and to support their rapid and effective implementation.

The Institute for Design of Advanced Energy Systems (IDAES) was originated to bring the most advanced modeling and optimization capabilities to these challenges. The resulting IDAES integrated platform utilizes the most advanced computational algorithms to enable the design and optimization of complex, interacting energy and process systems from individual plant components to the entire electrical grid.

A team of the world leading scientists and engineers continues to advance the platform to address new challenges, enhance usability, and to assist the broad range of stakeholders who are adopting IDAES tools to deliver more sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy and process systems as well as related infrastructure and supply chains.

We welcome new stakeholders and users to join the mission of designing the new world energy system.

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