Advanced PSE Stakeholder Summit and Technical Meeting

The  Advanced Process Systems Engineering Stakeholder Summit is scheduled for Oct 11th -12th, 2023.  The Technical Team Meeting  will follow on October 13th, 2023,

 Agenda (draft): Advanced PSE Stakeholder Summit I Agenda Event Address: The Westin Tysons Corner, 7801 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA, 22043, (703) 893-1340 


Hotel Reservations

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IDAES Integrated Platform 2.1.0 released

Today we’re announcing the 2.1.0 release of the IDAES Integrated Platform, this is the first update on the 2.X line of IDAES releases.

New IDAES Examples Repository

Starting with this release, the IDAES examples are developed in the new IDAES/examples repository.Along with many content and usability improvements, the most significant changes are:

To install the examples, after installing IDAES, run: pip install idaes-examples

The idaes get-examples command, previously used for this, has been removed

The HTML version is now available at

The previous URL,, will not be updated and may be removed at some point in the future

For more details, refer to the resources available at IDAES/examples.

Removal of Non-Functional Apps

A review of the code in the idaes/apps and idaes/models_extra folders was undertaken, and a number of tools were identified as being outdated or non-functional and no longer supported by their development teams. Due to this, the following tools have been removed:

idaes/apps/alamopy_depr (note that the new ALAMOpy interface remains avaialble in idaes/core/surrogates)

Pyomo 6.6

This version of IDAES is the first requiring Pyomo 6.6. This version of Pyomo contains multiple internal improvements and refactorings.While for the majority of cases this should …

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IDAES Integrated Platform 2.0.0 beta 2 released

Today we’re announcing the 2.0.0b2 release of the IDAES Integrated Platform.


This is the second of two pre-releases in preparation for the full 2.0.0 release expected March of 2023
Use this release to migrate your models to the 2.0 API, with an optional backward compatibility mechanism to aid the migration
Detailed documentation on how to migrate is available: IDAES v2 resources
Virtual Office hours are also available by reservation for individual support

New Features

Improved support for defining new components for use in Helmholtz equations of state
Standardized naming in heat exchanger models
Documentation of process costing tools and examples
Implementation of an IDAES Performance Testing Suite, which has been used to establish baseline performance metrics
Improved metadata structure for defining Units of Measurement in property packages and updated all code to use the new format

Plans for Next Release

Drop support for Python 3.7
Add support for Python 3.11

Help and Support

You are invited to make a reservation for one of our monthly virtual/zoom office hours if you would like individual help with the migration or use of the platform.  Just send an email to with details on your question, issue or situation.  The email list and github discussion forums are still available at our …

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IDAES Integrated Platform 2.0.0 alpha 2 released

Today we’re announcing the 2.0.0a2 release of the IDAES Integrated Platform.

This is the first of two public alpha releases before the full 2.0 release of the IDAES IP coming late November / early December.

Please see the details below on the changes in this release and how the goal of this release (and the next alpha release in August/Sept) is to help people prepare for the 2.0 release.

IDAES-PSE 2.0.0a2 Release Highlights
Deprecations and Moved Files:

In preparation for the upcoming IDAES v2.0 release, the IDAES repository has been significantly reorganized to better group content and reduce the number of top-level directories

In order to facilitate a smooth transition, the existing folder structure will remain in place until the v2.0 release in November with redirection links to the new location of most modules
Importing a module from its old location will be redirected to the new location and a deprecation warning logger with a pointer to the new location

A new API has been implemented for costing of process equipment in IDAES

The old costing methods will continue to be supported with deprecation warnings until the v2.0 release in November after which they will be removed
Users of these tools should begin converting their code to use the …

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IDAES IP 1.13.0 Released and Notice For Upcoming 2.0

Two pieces of news:

We have a new 1.13.0 release of the IDAES Integrated Platform
We are planning a major new 2.0 release in November


First we want to announce that development is now underway for IDAES 2.0 introducing significant improvements and API changes with respect to the current (v1) codebase.  In order to provide advance warning of theses upcoming changes and minimize their impact on functionality during this transition, the following schedule is planned for the next 9 months:

The first stable version of IDAES v2, release 2.0.0, is currently planned for November 2022
The current release series, 1.13, will be the last for the IDAES v1 codebase
Over the intervening months, as part of our quarterly release cycle, we will be releasing preview versions of the v2 codebase.
If applicable, we will also distribute bugfixes that are compatible with the v1 codebase as patch releases to the 1.13 release series (1.13.1, 1.13.2)
During this time, changes to the IDAES API introduced by v2 will be documented as deprecation warnings in the codebase and/or as part of the release notes
Once the 2.0.0 release is out, all deprecation warnings will be removed, and development will switch exclusively to IDAES v2

We encourage our users …

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IDAES Integrated Platform 1.12.0 released

Highlights for this release are:

Improved workflow and interface for developing surrogate models and incorporating these into flowsheets
Improved wrapper for ALAMO using new surrogate interface
New Unit models:

Condenser and Reboiler for packed column applications
0-D Heat Exchanger using the NTU method

Ability to use external variable for length in 1-D control volumes
Thermophysical and transport properties:

New supported properties: Cp, Cv, diffusivity, thermal conductivity, speed of sound, surface tension, viscosity
Improved formulation of log expressions

Surrogate modeling using Keras

This requires tensorflow, which is an optional dependency of IDAES. To install it, use any one of the following commands:
conda install tensorflow
pip install tensorflow
pip install idaes-pse[optional] # this will install all optional dependencies for IDAES, including tensorflow

Deprecation warnings slated to be removed (and become errors) in next release (1.13.0):

Python 3.6 support is deprecated and it will be removed with the next IDAES release
Deprecation warning: generic_models.unit_models.distillation folder renamed to generic_models.unit_models.column_models
Removed support for directly setting state_block_class and reaction_block_class in property and reaction packages
Removed support for property packages which do not use Phase and Component objects
Removed support for defining units of measurement via strings.
Removed support for dynamic simulations without specifying units for time domain

For detailed instructions on how to get started using the the Integrated Platform, as well as examples, tutorials and references, …

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