IDAES Integrated Platform 2.2.0 released

Today we’re announcing the 2.2.0 release of the IDAES Integrated Platform. As always, start with our online documentation or jump straight to the getting started instructions.


New Features: DiagnosticToolbox

DiagnosticsToolbox (idaes.core.util.model_diagnostics.DiagnosticsToolbox) is a new self-guiding toolbox for assisting with diagnosing modeling issues. The toolbox contains a wide range of tools for identifying common modeling issues and conveying these to the user, and more features will be added in the coming months.

To try the new toolbox, use the following steps:

  • from idaes.core.util import DiagnosticsToolbox
  • Build an instance of your model
  • Ensure your models has zero degrees of freedom (as best you can)
  • dt = DiagnosticsToolbox(model)
  • dt.report_structural_issues()
  • Follow the prompts


  • DegeneracyHunter is being deprecated in favor of the new DiagnosticsToolbox. The features and capabilities of DegeneracyHunter will be moved over to the DiagnositcsToolbox in the coming months.
  • Removal of usage of Pyomo’s expr.current due to deprecation upstream.
  • Removed support for radial basis functions in ALAMOpy as these did not work in the current implementation. Those wishing to use radial basis functions should use Pysmo instead.

New Capabilities

  • MSContactor model for unit operations involving mass transfer between 2 or more streams, such as membrane, solvent extraction and solids leaching operations.

Other Improvements

  • Improved formulation for solubility products with additional parameters for better scaling of terms
  • Better backward compatibility, verification and robustness testing of core models and APIs
  • Added support for Separator models without energy balances

Help and Support

You are invited to make a reservation for one of our monthly virtual/zoom office hours if you would like individual help with the migration or use of the platform.  Just send an email to with details on your question, issue or situation.  The email list and github discussion forums are still available at our idaes-pse github repo.

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