Next Generation Multi-Scale Modeling & Optimization Framework to Support the US Power Industry

The National Energy Technology Laboratory’s (NETL’s) Institute for the Design of Advanced Energy Systems Integrated Platform (IDAES) optimizes the design and operation of complex, interacting technologies and systems by providing rigorous modeling capabilities to increase efficiency, lower costs, increase revenue, improve sustainability, and enable deep decarbonization. IDAES represents a paradigm shift for modeling and analysis of complex energy and chemical processes as the only fully equation-oriented platform with integrated support for steady-state design, optimization, dynamic operations, data reconciliation, parameter estimation, and uncertainty quantification. IDAES uniquely supports the process modeling lifecycle, from conceptual design to dynamic optimization and control. IDAES enables users to efficiently search vast, complex design spaces that cannot be adequately explored with existing tools to discover the lowest cost, most environmentally sustainable solutions. The extensible, open platform empowers users to create models of novel processes and rapidly develop custom analyses, workflows, and end-user applications.


IDAES is Guided by Power Industry Needs

Stakeholder Advisory Board has been assembled to ensure that the Institute can remain well aligned with key industry needs in this arena. Regular conference calls and biannual face-to-face review meetings will ensure that stakeholders remain well informed of the program and its progress and can provide advice to direct the program to maximum value to the industry.