Team Member Bio

David C. Miller, Ph.D.

Chief Research Officer, NETL
U.S. Department of Energy

As chief research officer, David C. Miller, Ph.D., directs the organization’s research activities and frames S&T strategic plans based on broad assessment and evaluation of current and emerging energy challenges. Previously, Miller served as an NETL senior fellow and provided technical and strategic leadership across the Strategic Systems Analysis and Engineering directorate. Miller initiated and led the highly collaborative, multi-institutional Institute for the Design of Advanced Energy Systems, which is focused on computational approaches to enable the design and optimization of complex integrated energy and industrial systems, accelerating their development and deployment to support rapid decarbonization of the energy and industrial sectors. Miller also served as the technical director of the Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative, which pioneered new ways to maximize learning during pilot-scale testing to reduce technical risk during scale-up. Miller is a recipient of the Arthur S. Flemming Award for Exceptional Federal Service, Applied Science and Engineering. He earned his doctorate in chemical engineering from The Ohio State University.

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