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DISPATCHES project logo

Project Description

DISPATCHES, the Design Integration and Synthesis Platform to Advance Tightly Coupled Hybrid Energy Systems, is developed and used to identify and optimize Integrated Energy Systems for operation within the bulk power system via energy market signals.

DISPATCHES is part of the DOE Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium (GMLC).

Value Proposition

Deployment of integrated hybrid energy systems is expected to increase in coming years and no single platform exists for dynamic modeling of these systems as they interact with the bulk power system. DISPATCHES addresses 3 major challenges:

  • Conceptual design of novel hybrid systems in a way that enables rigorous exploration of the design space
  • Values the output of the hybrid system within the context of the grid and region it is deployed
  • Detailed dynamic models coupled with nonlinear model predictive control based on market signals

Project Objectives

Open, transparent, multi-lab computational platform to support the design, optimization, and analysis of tightly coupled hybrid systems.  DISPATCHES demonstrates and quantifies the benefits of potential hybrid systems based on 3 case studies:

  • Coal (existing and Coal FIRST) with energy storage, etc.
  • Existing nuclear with hydrogen production and utilization
  • Renewables with dispatchable options (batteries, NGCC)
  • Build on DOE investments in modeling and simulation capabilities to support a resilient, reliable, and cost-effective bulk power system.

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Lead PI: David Miller (NETL)

The DISPATCHES team brings together internationally recognized experts in the fields of Chemical and Process Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Applied Mathematics, and Computer Science.

Partner Laboratories

The lead PI(s) for each institution are in bold.

Idaho National Laboratory

  • Cristian Rabiti

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  • Keith Beattie
  • Dan Gunter

National Energy Technology Laboratory (Lead institution)

  • David Miller (Lead PI)
  • Jaffer Ghouse
  • Andrew Lee

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

  • Janine Freeman
  • Darice Guittet
  • Wesley Jones
  • Ben Knueven
  • Matthew Reynolds

Sandia National Laboratories

  • Darryl Melander
  • John Siirola

Academic Collaborators

University of Notre Dame

  • Alexander Dowling
  • Xian Gao

Utility Partners

  • Exelon
  • Bright Energy
  • ACES

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Development occurs in the open-source gmlc-dispatches repository on Github.

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DISPATCHES logos are available in the SVG format.


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