The IDAES project has bi-annual meetings with its Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB). This page provides internal IDAES member access to selected presentations and posters from these meetings.

The slide and poster author affiliations use the following abbreviations:

  • CMU: Carnegie-Mellon University
  • LBNL: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • NETL: National Energy Technologies Laboratory
  • ORISE: Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, National Energy Technologies Laboratory
  • PU: Purdue University
  • SNL: Sandia National Laboratories
  • UND: University of Notre Dame
  • WVU: West Virginia University

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2021 October IDAES Stakeholder Workshop

Thurs Oct 7 and Thurs Oct 14 11 AM – 4 PM Eastern.

This is our opportunity to present a comprehensive review of progress and directions for IDAES and to gain your valuable feedback. Sadly we are COVID restricted from having the opportunity to do this in person once again this year (Please know how much myself and the entire IDAES team miss the pleasure of interacting more directly with all of you). As we did last October, we are dividing the event into two days a week apart to make it more readily digestible and to offer you time for contemplation of your reactions and input.

Here is the Final Agenda

Please register in advance for this webinar:

Monthly stakeholder meetings 2020-2021

Monthly stakeholder meetings provide an ongoing forum for dialogue about IDAES plans and capabilities.

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2020-10 Stakeholder Meeting

The combined CCSI2IDAES Stakeholder Workshop, originally planned for Washington DC in May, was delivered online in October 2020. Please see the workshop page for details.

2019-05 Stakeholder meeting

The Spring Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB) meeting was held at the Bethesda North Marriott, just outside Washington, DC on May 16-17, 2019.



Application of IDAES

  1. Modeling and Optimization of Existing Fleet – Boiler HX Network Miguel Zamarripa
  2. Optimizing Opportunities for Power Grid Participants. Xian Gao, Alexander W. Dowling
  3. Power Grid participation and Planning Studies.  Ben Knueven
  4. Design and Optimization of Chemical Looping Combustion Processes Chinedu Okoli, Anca Ostace
  5. State-of-the-Art Modeling and Optimization of Electrolyte Systems Paul Akula, Debangsu Bhattacharya
  6. Developer and User Support Keith Beattie

IDAES Framework, Models and Computational Tools

  1. Unit Model Library and Process Flowsheeting. Andrew Lee
  2. Advanced Model Development. Chinedu Okoli, Miguel Zamarripa, Andrew Lee, Paul Akula, Anca Ostace, Jaffer Ghouse, Debangsu Bhattacharyya , David Miller
  3. A General Approach for Robust Process Design. Natalie Isenberg
  4. Advanced Tools for Conceptual Design. Qi Chen/Michael Bynum
  5. Generation Expansion Planning Studies. John Siirola
  6. Process Dynamics and Advanced ProcessControl.Bethany Nicholson
  7. Real Time Optimization. Owais Sarwar. Nick Sahinidis
  8. Optimization-based Machine Learning. Marissa Engle, Zachary Wilson, David Miller, Nick Sahinidis
  9. Towards a Mathematical Optimization Toolkit for Nanoscale Materials Design. Chris Hanselman
  10. Advanced Dynamic Modeling for Fluidized Beds. Rob Parker, David Thierry