Category: 2023 Publications

Cho, S., Tovar-Facio, J., & Grossmann, I.E. (2023) Disjunctive optimization model and algorithm for long-term capacity expansion planning of reliable power generation systems. Computers and Chemical Engineering, 174, 108243.

Rodriguez, J. S., Parker, R., Laird, C., Nicholson, B., Siirola, J., & Bynum, M. (2023). Scalable parallel nonlinear optimization with PyNumero and Parapint. INFORMS Journal on Computing, 35(2), 265-517.

Dabadghao, V., Ghouse, J., Eslick, J., Lee, A., Burgard, A.P., Miller, D., & Biegler, L. (2023). A complementarity-based vapor-liquid equilibrium formulation for equation-oriented simulation and optimization. AIChE Journal, 69 (4).

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