IDAES PSE Framework version 1.10.0 released

For detailed instructions on how to get started using the Framework, as well as examples, tutorials and references, take a look at our online documentation.

Highlights for this release are:

  • Updates to be compliant with Pyomo 6
  • New get_solver tool for creating solver objects which supports definition of default solvers and options
  • Improved handling of solver options during initialization
  • Additional properties in Generic Property framework, including multiple flow bases, internal energy, and constant volume heat capacity.
  • New Generic Property module for constant pure component properties
  • Extension of core framework to support aqueous solutions of ions, including support for true and apparent species compositions
  • Performance curves in isentropic pressure changers
  • New utility functions for accessing scaled and unscaled Jacobians and problem condition number
  • Support for automatic scaling tools in Generic Property and Reaction packages
  • Numerous improvements to automatic scaling functions
  • Improved output of stream tables for cases of multiple property packages with different state variables
  • Fixed bug in some property packages where enthalpy density was used instead of internal energy density in energy balances
  • Fixed underlying bug preventing cloning of models, which was necessary for GDP problems

Development activity and full source code can be found at our idaes-pse github repo.

For support questions and answers visit the new idaes-pse discussion forum.

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