IDAES PSE Framework version 1.9.0 released

For detailed instructions on how to get started using the Framework, as well as examples, tutorials and references, take a look at our online documentation.

Highlights for this release are:

  • Addition of a general-purpose IDAES dynamic power plant model library.
  • Improved generic properties API to support disjunctive programming solvers.
  • New option for including or excluding heat of formation from specific enthalpy calculations.
  • Functions for producing Txy diagrams of VLE systems.
  • Improved performance of units of measurement features.
  • Improved the look, feel, and functionality of the IDAES Flowsheet Visualizer or IFV.
  • New conda install packaging (in addition to pip install)

Development activity and full source code can be found at our idaes-pse github repo.

For support questions and answers visit the new idaes-pse discussion forum.

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