Category: 2021 Publications

Sauk, B., & Sahinidis, N. V. (2021). HybridTuner: Tuning with hybrid derivative-free optimization initialization strategies. In Simos, D.E., Pardalos, P.M., & Kotsireas, I.S. (Eds.), LION 2021: Learning and Intelligent Optimization, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 12931, (pp. 379-393).

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Sauk, B., & Sahinidis, N. V. (2021). Backward stepwise elimination: Approximation guarantee, a batched GPU algorithm, and empirical investigation. SN Computer Science, 2.

Akula, P., Eslick, J., Bhattacharyya, D., & Miller, D. C. (2021). Model development, validation, and part-load optimization of an MEA-based post-combustion CO2 capture process under part-load and variable capture operations. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 60(14), 5176–5193.

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